Canva Web Design Training

Are you looking to unleash your creative potential and become a master of website design? Look no further! Ozmosis Academy is thrilled to present an exciting and comprehensive training course on website design using Canva, the industry-leading design platform.

In today's digital world, a captivating website is a powerful tool to grab attention, engage audiences, and drive meaningful connections. Whether you're an aspiring designer, a small business owner, or a marketing enthusiast, our Website Design Training with Canva is the perfect opportunity to acquire the skills needed to create stunning websites that leave a lasting impact.

Why choose Canva? It's simple – Canva revolutionizes the design process, enabling individuals with little to no design experience to craft professional and visually striking websites effortlessly. Our expert instructors will guide you through every step of the training, from understanding the fundamentals of website design to mastering the advanced features and techniques in Canva.

What sets our training apart? Here's what you can expect::

    1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers all aspects of website design, including layout, color theory, typography, imagery, and user experience (UX) principles. You'll gain a deep understanding of design principles and how to apply them effectively using Canva's intuitive interface.
    2. Hands-On Experience: Theory alone won't make you an exceptional designer. That's why our training emphasizes hands-on experience. Through practical exercises, real-world examples, and interactive projects, you'll build a strong foundation and develop the confidence to tackle any website design challenge.
    3. Canva Mastery: Discover the full potential of Canva as our expert instructors unveil its hidden gems. Learn how to leverage Canva's powerful features, templates, and customization options to create stunning websites tailored to your unique vision. From creating eye-catching graphics to optimizing your site for different devices, you'll unlock a world of design possibilities.
    4. Personalized Guidance: Our instructors are committed to your success. With small class sizes, you'll receive personalized attention, feedback, and guidance throughout the training. They'll be there to answer your questions, offer insights, and share valuable tips and tricks to help you excel in your website design journey.
    5. Flexibility and Convenience: We understand that your schedule may be busy, so our training is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. With online learning options, you can access the course materials from anywhere at any time, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.
    6. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your website design skills and transform your digital presence. Join our Website Design Training with Canva and become a design-savvy professional capable of creating visually stunning websites that captivate and engage.

Enrollment is now open! Visit our website or contact us today to secure your spot in this sought-after training program. Unleash your creativity with Canva and embark on a journey towards becoming a website design virtuoso.

Limited Seats Available:

Take Advantage:

    1. No initial capital to start, all you need is the skills
    2. Work from the comfort of your home or office
    3. No fix price, there is no limit price to charge your clients
    4. You will also be paid annually for maintenance and renewal
    5. You don’t have to quit your existing job, you can do it at your convenient time

Course fee: Weekends - ₦35,000
Course duration: 4 Weekends
Date: September 2023
Time: 10am to 3pm
Venue: Google Meet